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ChristianF August 22, 2011 09:58

Transient simulation (Problem with massflow and Pressure)
Hello everybody,

i am simulating a rotary piston engine. The Simulation is working but the problem is the following:

At the beginning the pressure inside of the cylinder is 0 bar (reference pressure is 1 bar). At the inlet the pressure is 3 bar. While the piston is moving, air is flowing from the intlet in the cylinder and the pressure rises. When the pressure in the cylinder is reaching the 3 bars (The maximum pressure) the pressure an massflow increase from the inlet into the cylinder should go down, but i am reaching even 3.5 bars until the massflow goes down. As you can see in the diagram the pressure for a certain time step is not changing anymore after some iteration steps. So i am only reaching the 3 bars after some timesteps (which is of course different to the reality). In a steady state analysis for a certain Piston positon i am reaching the 3 bars after about 30 iteration steps.
So what do i have to do to get the simulation closer to the reality?


ChristianF August 22, 2011 10:00

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I am sorry i forgot to upload the picture

monkey1 August 22, 2011 10:40

How big is the time step used and how did you set up your inlet boundary(pressure and mass flow)?

ChristianF August 22, 2011 11:46

Inlet: -Total Pressure (3 bar)
- Total Temp 25C
Timestep: -1/60000 s (1.666e-5 s)
-> Engine is rotating with 10000 rpm so in one timestep the
piston is moving 1

ghorrocks August 22, 2011 21:42

You would need to include more details if you want us to be more specific.

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