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minger August 24, 2011 18:34

[CFX] Target Mass Flow Opening

I have a problem I'm trying to solve and am completely restricted on the domain. The domain originally called for a velocity in/outlet and ambient pressure openings placed far away from the area of interest.

This worked great when the main BC was an inlet, however when it is switched around and is an outlet, there ends up being a large troublesome recirculation zone right at the BC.

As I said, I cannot change the domain. We've tried several things including most recently a mass flow inlet at the far boundarys. That worked horribly.

My goal is to have an entrainment opening BC that adjusts the pressure to target a mass flow through itself. Now, I can do this by hand (even as the solver is running), however I am running a DOE. What I find is that several runs have velocities way different than originally targeted.

I assume I would need a Junction Box routine to relax the opening pressure to target the mass flow? It seems that a simple expression wouldn't quite work. Does anyone have a junction box like this they would be willing to share, or any other workaround?


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