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creddy_trddc August 26, 2011 07:27

Modeling of Solidification using CFX

I want to simulate the process involving "Fluid flow+Heat Transfer+Solidification" (Continuous casting).

Can any body please tell me, is it possible to simulate the above process using CFX. I havn't got information on the modeling of solidification using CFX.

Thanks & Regards,
Niranjan Reddy.

Aly August 26, 2011 07:32

same problem here

I need to model heat transfer on air flow using cfx

ghorrocks August 26, 2011 22:10

People have modelled solidification with CFX but you will need to develop a lot of custom models. Not a task for a CFD beginner. Other simulation codes have solidification models which are easy to use.

Aly: Air heat transfer is easily done in CFX. Unless you are modelling solidification then it is likely your model is easy in CFX.

Aly August 27, 2011 05:24

gorrocks please guide me to a good tutorial

All tutorials I found in this part are the same and are not clear !! :(

ghorrocks August 27, 2011 07:10

The tutorials supplied with CFX are quite good. The ones available on the ANSYS community are worth looking at too.

creddy_trddc August 29, 2011 00:09

Dear Glenn,

Thanks for your reply...I am looking at other softwares which have solidification module inbuilt :)

Niranjan Reddy.

ghorrocks August 29, 2011 18:44

I do not know other codes too well, but I would look at fluent, Flow3D, StarCD. There are also specialist casting and moulding software which would probably have it, such as Thercast (from transvalor), mouldflow and many others.

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