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Mina_Shahi September 3, 2011 15:13

an unfinished CFX solver run
Hello expertens,

Does anyone know how to recover an unfinished CFX solver run (in Ansys workbench)when you are doing a transient simulation?

When my transient simulation is running in Solver, it's suddenly stopped due to Network connection (i am running it on cluster). and it doesn't write any results file but output file is available.

ghorrocks September 3, 2011 20:21

If you have full transient results files you can go back to the last one of those and recover everything up until that point. If you did not use full transient results files - well, you probably should have, shouldn't you?

Mina_Shahi September 4, 2011 02:36


No imagine you started transient simulation, and the results will be stored every 5 time steps. and it did 400 iterations and after that due to some problems like network connection or ... the software will be closed automatically

then i didn't find any residual file (.res) , so how can recover it ?

ghorrocks September 4, 2011 20:08

Assuming you saved full transient results files you can go back to the last one of them. They will have the file name "(iteration number)_full.trn".

Mina_Shahi September 8, 2011 11:37

Thanks again

well i have .trn file, but as i know to restart a simulation you need .res which you can use as an initial file and continue running. but i don't know how i can use .trn file??? Can you please tell me?

singer1812 September 8, 2011 11:48

What Glenn told you. If it is a full transient save, you could just rename it to a res file and go on, or you could use the trn file as the starting point..

If its not a full transient save, your out of luck.

bhatiadinesh September 10, 2011 05:55

CFX takes in the .trn file as the input as well..instead of starting with a def file, use .trn file as the input file, as glenn said this is possible only if its a full transient file.


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