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Zaktatir September 9, 2011 05:40

Buoyancy Reference

I am wondering, which Reference Density shall i use when i have:

-Continuous Air
-Continuous Water Film
-dispersed Water Droplets.

My Problem is that the dispersed Phase (Water Droplets) flows through the water film and goes under, which is not physically true.

The Topic deals with Droplet separation from water/air free surface flow.


evcelica September 10, 2011 19:37

From other multi-phase simulation tutorials (flow over hump), use the least dense material in the simulation as the reference density. Probably similar here.

Zaktatir September 14, 2011 05:58

yeah from a lot of tutorials, it is said to use the density of the lightest fluid, but in my case i have a dispersed water phase too. Okay i am using the density of air, but my problem consists in that when my droplets become big they fall down, which is physically true, but they travel under water film ( i am defining an reentrainment term but it seems to be an euler-euler approach problem)

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