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Biskvito September 9, 2011 08:05

sound level on turbomachinery
Hi all

I'm making a simulation of air flow throu the axial fan where I measure mass flow, pressure etc. I've made many different geometries and compare them.
I would like to add sound level to my results. Is there any tool in ansys cfx to make noise map OR just measure sound level/pressure in one point. The aim is to compare two similar geometries in respect of the noise they make so any kind of sound parameter would be useful.

I can't find any direct tool so I have an idea of how to do it "homemade". Please tell me if it's realistic.
I would make transient simulation of compressible fluid with timestep 2.5E+05s (=1/(2*20kHz)) to obtain the pressure function. Next using FFT get sound spectrum.
Does it make sense? Is it possible in practice? Is such simulation so precise to obtain true values of sound pressure?
or maybe there is any easier way.


Biskvito September 9, 2011 19:07

OK, I've just found it.
There is a macro in CFX-Post in Turbo tab called Turbo Noise

I'm ashamed that it was so obvious. :o
I was looking for it long time.

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