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asdhjkl September 14, 2011 01:14

【help】reaction problem
i am doing a simulation about a mixture of gas :
A+2B=C+3D,which C is also gas but D is a type of solid particle.
How should i operate in the CFX?

that is very nice of you if can help me ,thanks

ghorrocks September 14, 2011 07:03

What type of solid particle? Something like carbon soot, where the particles are nanometers in size?

asdhjkl September 16, 2011 00:11

yes,it is a kind of Chemical vapor deposition reaction(CVD),
i build a model used a multiphase reaction ,and in the fluid domain set two kinds of materials ,one is the gas and the other is solid particle.
the cfx can run but the chemical reaction does not happen,:confused:.
i cheaked the result ,the reaction activation is already got.

keep on looking for help!!

ghorrocks September 16, 2011 06:32

I suspect you will have to do some customisation to get this working. You might need to generate a source term to get rid of product D and generate a particle.

What size are the particles generated? What forces act on them?

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