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unischlaf September 15, 2011 09:01

Density of multi fluid simulation

I have a multi fluid simulation with CO2 and ideal air. Both fluids are mixed in the simulation.
For a BOS experiment, I want to show the density gradient of the mixture. But I only have two density gradients, one of the CO2 and one of the air. How can I display the total density of both fluids? I mean the density gradient of the mixture.

brunoc September 15, 2011 21:18

Create a new variable that calculates the density of the mixture. Then create another varialble that's the grandient of the first variable. Both can be done at the 'Variables' tab on CFD-Post.

bhatiadinesh September 16, 2011 00:36

@ Brunoc : Can you create a variable which is a gradient of any existing ( or new ) variable. I had searched for something like earlier, but didn't find it. Please let me know if you know the method.


brunoc September 16, 2011 07:23

Hi Dinesh,

On the Variables tab inside CFD-Post, right-click anywhere to create a new variable. Set its method to 'Gradient' and choose the variable of which you want to know the gradient. That's it.


unischlaf September 18, 2011 04:16

Thank you for your answer!

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