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Far September 19, 2011 17:20

mesh adaptation
Dear CFX experts

As I know that we can adapt the mesh in CFX Pre. But I cant find the Y+ in the variable list? Any body has idea how to get the mesh adaptation based on the Y+.

Thank in advance

brunoc September 19, 2011 18:33

Hi Far,

I'll have to check on this tomorrow, but I believe y+ is only calculated at walls. If that's the case it is not a volumetric variable and cannot therefore be used as a mesh adaption criteria.
BUT... you could create an algebraic additional variable that calculates y+ manually, and then use this variable to adapt your mesh.

That being said, if what you're trying to do is to automatically refine your mesh based on y+, what you should do instead is manually generate a few meshes with decreasing y+ and compare their results. I don't think using mesh adaption is the correct approach in here, since you won't get a nice, smooth and gradually increasing mesh spacing near the wall by using mesh adaption.


Far September 19, 2011 18:44

actually my mesh has y+ less two every where except at the leading edge. where it goes to 6 in very thin region. I need to determine the effect of this on my results

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