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eric weddle September 26, 2011 05:02

Mass fraction and volume fraction
Hello there.

I'm doing with a multiphase multicomponent flow, dealing with volume fractions and mass fractions all the time.

Right now I'm writing some expressions within CEL and I have some doubts.

Let's say I have two phases (Phase 1 and Phase 2) each one with 2 components (Comp A and Comp B in Phase 1 and Comp C and Comp D in Phase 2).

1 - When I wirte "Phase 1.Volume Fraction" I get the Phase 1 volume fraction and when I write "Phase 1.Mass Fraction" I get Phase 1 mass fraction. Right?

2 - When I write "Phase 1.Comp A.Volume Fraction" I get Comp A volume fraction within Phase 1 and when I write "Phase 1.Comp A.Mass Fraction" I get Comp A mass fraction within Phase 1. Right?

3 - What should I write to get Comp A volume and mass fraction relative to the whole system, i.e. considering the volume and mass ocupied also by Phase 2???

Thanks a lot

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