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Wedge23 September 30, 2011 04:04

measure the exchange between two pipes
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For a student research project I have to measure the exchange between two pipes connected by a small gap (picture 1).

I want to measure the exchange in two different ways to avoid inaccuracy. For every calculation I need two runs. First I do a convergence run to get a robust flow. In the second run I take the .res file and use it as an initial file to start a new run with the robust flow.

On the one hand I use a „new Variable“ which I define as 1 in one pipe-entrance and as 0 in the other pipe-entrance and in the two exits. This works pretty good.

On the other hand I want to use two different temperatures in the two pipes. But when I start the second run ( with the „new Variable“ and two different temperatures) the new calculation doesn´t accept the new different temperatures. The temperatures in both channels stay the same as in the convergence run.

Picture 2 is a picture of the „new variable“ I defined. Eventually I want to have a comparably appearence with different temperatures instead of different defined „new Varibale“ values.

My Question is: Does anybody know what’s my mistake or can tell me a different way to do my calculation?

I know my problem is a bit complicated, but i hope somebody has an idea


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