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arunraj October 1, 2011 03:44

Wall scale not converging
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Hi all,

Actually I am analyzing the distortion effects on a complete rotor annulus.. So I need to get the compressor map with and without distortion..For this i initially i analyzed the complete rotor model without distortion, i got the compressor model..When I am keeping the distortion screen in front of the rotor..the problem starts, the wall scale is not converging. I am not understanding the problem in this. but THE MOMENTUM , HEAT TRANSFER AND TURBULENCE GET CONVERGING

Ref pressure= 0 pa
Fluid: air ideal gas
Heat transfer: total energy
Turbulence model: SST
Wall function: automatic
Transitional turbulence: Fully Turbulent.
RPM= 1800
1. How can I resolve this problem?
2. Do I have to go for expert parameters?.. I have found so many options in expert parameters reg convergence of wall scale?
I have added the image of model

Hi Glenn, I guess You know it better


ghorrocks October 3, 2011 17:52

It is very unusual for wallscale not to converge yet the flow equations to converge. Something is wrong with your setup. Is your mesh quality OK? Try a higher quality mesh or running double precision.

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