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lingdeer October 1, 2011 18:20

Restart FSI run on ANSYS CFX

I am running simulations with FSI ANSYS CFX. However, my simulation stopped before converging since my cluster job time is exceeded.
I have backup file in cfx (.bak).
Before I restart it by using continue-from-file .bak and use-mesh-from-iv
However the solid seems not to start from the same time point and I need run extra time.
I added -ansys-restart "ANSYS.rdb" as instructed in the ansys solver manager documentation, hoping it will start solving the FSI from the point the solution got stopped.
However and simulation crashed at restart.

Anybody has experience with restarting FSI run?


singer1812 October 4, 2011 14:24

In order to a restart, you need to have a common point from both CFX and Ansys. I am not familiar with running through WB but FSI running through ANSYS as the controller, if you had MFRC setup to a mulitple of MTOUTPUT, which CFX is configured to output full backup files at the same frequency, you should be able to restart at the MFRC step.

Files you need to have are *.db, *.r00X, *.rdb, *.ldhi for a multiframe restart, or *.db,*.emat,*.esav/osav for a single frame restart and the CFX *.res file that corresponds to the same output frequency as the ANSYS files.

You can then use MFRSTART (ansys command) to issue the restart at the time that you have backups for.

lingdeer October 9, 2011 23:10

I am wondering anything that I set up wrong when I set up the solid and fluid cases.
For solid, I did not set any backup results
For fluid (CFX), I set "every iteration" or "every coupling step" to backup the fluid file.
However it still did not work.

Also, what is MFRC command? Where can know more about it and how to use it? Thanks!

singer1812 October 10, 2011 09:47

If you are running through workbench, workbench creates the ansys script file for you based on your inputs. In that script file is the MFX commands needed to run the FSI job. For details on these commands, look at the Mechanical APDL (not CFX) help for MFX.

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