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Cluain October 4, 2011 11:34

Define Run Button
I am working with the tutorial pdf that is with Ansys CFX 13.0 cfx_tutr
Section 32.5.10. Writing the CFX-Solver Input (.def) File
In the CFX-PRE window I am meant to find a button Define Run to apply a setting to the file name. I am failing to see this.
I can bypass this by double clicking on the solution to get the CFX-Solver manager to start and run, but I cannot carry out the tasks as instructed.
When I do that, I get an error due to a negative element volume. This is probably due to making a simple mistake earlier so I am following the tutorial again.
Is this an error in the manual (referring to past editions), my error, or am I blind? And can't see the button!

ghorrocks October 4, 2011 17:44

The tutorials have been checked pretty thoroughly so it is unlikely a basic mistake like what you describe is in the tutorials. You have almost certainly goofed up somewhere in following the tutorial.

bhatiadinesh October 5, 2011 03:51

Right Click in the graphics window, u might find an option of define run, or else go to File-Define run, these worked in 12.1 I assume same is true for 13 if they havent made such huge changes


Cluain October 5, 2011 06:19

Thanks for responding ghorrocks and bhatiadinesh you were helpful.
I indeed had made a mistake earlier, it is now fixed.
I got the program running through solver manager and it produces results as described.
The define run button in the tutorial is required for saving and opening files related to the run, but that automatically happens so is not necessary. Probably why I can't find it.
I noticed another few quirks like that regarding saving. In reality clicking save from cfx-pre or whatever you are editing works to save that section and if you want to rename the file use save as in workbench, whereas the tutorials give instructions that are slightly more detailed. No huge insight but I now understand.

The tutorials are excellent, but that bothered me yesterday

Oh, and I have the academic version, but that should not make a difference.

Cluain October 5, 2011 11:34

I just noticed that if I start CFX from the Start menu, select All Programs > ANSYS 13.0 > Fluid Dynamics > CFX. The functions are different than if started through workbench. So I found the features missing above.

I am learning and have not done enough to warrant posting here.

This thread is quickly becoming a stream of thought, so I will quit while I am ahead.


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