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Norflow October 5, 2011 14:03

Beginning a Transient Simulation
Hey CFD community,

I am modeling a water passage of a turbine and have finished a steady state simulation and got pretty good residual convergence. Now I would like to run a transient simulation using the steady state simulation as an initial guess. As I am changing the domain to be transient rotor-stator, the display pane prompts:

"In Analysis 'Flow Analysis 1' - Domain 'Domain 1': Transient analyses require that initial conditions are specified unless an Initial Values file is specified at run-time."

Is the steady state simulation considered to be an "initial values" file, and if so, how do I set that?

Thanks, any help would be appreciated!

sajad_abasi October 6, 2011 04:07


this is a warrning not an your simulation as and when it converged chenge the simulation to unsteady and set the other parameter and run the care that do not reset the results of

bhatiadinesh October 7, 2011 00:38

In the Initial values file in the start run window put your steady state results as the initial file. See transient simulation for further details.


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