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juliom October 5, 2011 20:26

vertical gas-liquid separator problem with the convergence
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Dear friends, I have worked very hard on my thesis, but I have had problem with the convergence.
The boundaries conditions are:
Inlet: bulk Velocities (volume fraction of each phase)
Gas outlet (upper): pressure 0 psi
Liquid outlet (down): 0.35 psi (hydrostatic)

The model I am using is inhomogenues, specifically the particle model.
I am using the gravity vector due to the fact that I am modelling the gravitational effect (densities difference)
K-E for turbulence...
My simulation starts running but after 25 iteration this message appears :A wall has been placed at portion(s) of an OUTLET |
| boundary condition (at 100.0% of the faces, 100.0% of the area) |
| to prevent fluid from flowing into the domain.

I know what it means, the problem is that I have done several things but the problems continues.
Who can HELP ME ...
Thanks before hand

ghorrocks October 6, 2011 07:09

This might have some tips:

juliom October 6, 2011 08:06

Dear Glenn,
I think that my problem is on the boundaries Conditions!!
Have you worked on this sort of problems before????
yours faithfullly

ghorrocks October 6, 2011 18:16

No, but I have a reasonable amount of general multiphase experience.

omem84 October 20, 2011 20:58

Hi. Why are you using CFX? I am working in an oil-gas horizontal separator in FLUENT using eulerian model. I am using 0 pressure in the gas outlet and the oil column pressure in the oil outlet. I am fixing the operating conditions of pressure and density equal to separation pressure and gas density. I going to add you in my contacts to chat about this. Regards.

juliom October 21, 2011 07:45

dear Omen84
I would appreciate your help on this!!
I look foward to contact you soon...

omem84 October 22, 2011 00:18

JULIOM I am not an expert, but I think that we can help each other sharing criteria. I just started a month ago to build the model with the help of CFD "experts" from CAVENDISH Company. This is my email


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