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Chander October 6, 2011 14:11

Use of Partition file
Hi ,

I am using a large mesh for my simulation in parallel run mode. Now every time when a simulation restarts, cfx solver manager first partitions the mesh into the requested number of partitions (equal to number of CPUs requested) and then starts the solution.
I know that it is possible to pre-partition a mesh and store the partition info in a partition file and then give this file as input to cfx solver manager. So each time simulation has to restart , cfx solver manager uses the info in this file and does not waste time in partitioning the mesh on every restart.
However, from the cfx manuals ( I am using ver 12.1), I am not able to understand as to how to generate the partition file and use it.
Any guidance on this will be greatly helpful.

Thanks for your inputs!

mjgraf October 6, 2011 17:44

cfx5solve -help

This will show the command line options to create the partition file.
you can pipe it a file so you can open it in a text editor.

-parfile-read <parfile>
Specifies the name of an input partition file used to set up a partitioning or parallel run.

-parfile-write <parfile>
Specifies the name of a partition file to write to, containing the information from a partitioning run.

-part-only <# of partitions>
Runs the solver in partitioning mode only. This is normally equivalent to -part, but may be necessary if partitioning a results file from a previous run.

Chander October 9, 2011 08:56


Thanks for your reply.
Now I am able to generate and use a partition file.
One question.

While launching the CFX run to generate the partition file, I specify that the run to be a partition run by including the command
in the overall command.
But still, the solver starts after partitioning the mesh.
Shouldn't a partion only run stop after partitioning the mesh?

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