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amirrezagh October 7, 2011 16:30

wall boundary subjected to a random excitation

I am modelling a water tank subjected to an earthquake load. I was wondering if somebody could help me on how I can enter time-history displacement in CFX model.

To clarify the issue, I have defined an expression called "dWall" which represents the displacement of wall boundary condition. I would appreciate if someone could help me how the time-history load can be read as the value of this expression.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

ghorrocks October 8, 2011 04:58

There has been some discussion about this sort of modelling before on the forum - a search of the forum may be useful.

You can do this model either with moving mesh, as you seem to imply; or a simplified model where you just move the gravity vector. Moving the gravity vector is much simpler and quicker, but whether the simplification to a stationary domain is appropriate you will have to determine for your case.

But to answer your question, you can simply define a 1D interpolation function to have the desired displacement versus time function.

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