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Far October 10, 2011 04:42

Job offer as support engineer (Fluent and CFX)
Dear Frends

I have an offer as support/appliation engineer in Ansys channel parter for the middle east region. My respnsiblities shall be 1)Sale the Ansys products 2) provide training 3)provide consultancy servercis to industry and Universities.

I want to know:

1. Is this good job?

2. What are the chances to get the job at the Ansys Europe and Ansys USA after this expereince.

Looking for your comments with pro and cons :) Thanking you in advance


ghorrocks October 10, 2011 07:04

Well done! If you are excited by the job then it is a good job. It will depend heavily on the channel partner as they are independent companies to ANSYS.

I have no idea if this puts you in a good position for a position elsewhere but it certainly sounds like it would.

Far October 10, 2011 07:43

As I have no idea that what is scope or demand of CFD in the that region. If there is high and challaging demand then I would be having the huge chances to excel at higher speed. Combined with the direct access to Ansys international support I think, it shall give me breakthrough.

ghorrocks what do suggest, what type of prepartions I should make here before leaving for the job. What type of skills I should learn or make them further strong.

Definitly every body has some strong skills in one or two fields, like I have in rotating machinery and external aero cfd. Shall It be expected from me that I should be able to solve all type of problems as support engineer?

ghorrocks October 10, 2011 18:16

I think you have to answer those questions yourself. Talk to the person who made the offer and ask them what preparations would be useful. Or just turn up on the first day and go from there (that's what most people do :)

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