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akash_max October 10, 2011 13:11

Difference in terminologies in Ansys CFX
Hi Everybody,

I have a question or doubt to clarify, as I am confused froom so many days. Kindly help me out to understand them more clearly:

I would like to understand the difference between the below terms used in Ansys CFX:

1) Total Pressure: As I understand its addition of static and dynamic pressure
2) Absolute pressure: As I understand its the dynamic pressure
3) Solver pressure: No Idea
4) Pressure: As I understand its the gauge pressure

Please correct me if I am wrong!

As the above terms make me confused alot and it is some times difficult to interpret results with this confusions in mind..:confused:

More over I would alos like to ask when I am giving my input for INLET boundary condition as TOTAL PRESSURE = 100 bar, why do I get more TOTAL PRESSURE at post processing.

Kindly let me know about this and clarify my doubts

Best Regards
Akash A V

singer1812 October 10, 2011 14:18

1) This is correct for incompressible flows. A bit more complicated with compressible flow. See help manual.
2) No. Abs Pressure = Pressure + reference pressure
3) Not sure where you are getting this term or where you are going with it.
4) Yes

Regarding inlet Total pressure. How is it more? Is the peak more at the inlet? Is average more at the inlet? Is it more somewhere else than the inlet?

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