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evcelica October 13, 2011 14:52

Does Distributed CFX require same chipset
I've read in the distributed Ansys guide machines i a cluster must be of the same chipset. Is this true for CFX as well? I'm wondering if a P67 and Q67 would work in distributed parallel? Thanks in advance.

ghorrocks October 13, 2011 17:51

A heterogenous cluster will work, as in it will run simulations, but in my experience it will not be very effective and will run at the speed of the slowest machine on the cluster. This means you get little speedup from the faster machines on the network.

Balancing cluster loads in hetergeous clusters in my experience is ineffective. The only way to get a cluster to run with good speed ups is to make it homogenous.

evcelica October 17, 2011 22:07

Thanks for the reply Glenn. CFX support told me they could be different machines as well. I know identical computers would be ideal but my work won't buy a custom built computer to match my home computer, so I'm stuck with two different computers, though they are both pretty quick. If I ever get it running I can post some results for scalability. Thanks again.

ghorrocks October 18, 2011 06:11

Then it is probably best to use one for simulations and keep the other for pre and post processing. Then you do not need to worry about distributed parallel at all.

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