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Far October 15, 2011 01:43

Meshing - Efficient software
According to my experience the best meshing softwares are:

1. GridPro : Highly efficient grid generation with smart topologies for all type of complex geometries. Many advance topology features not available in any other mesh generation code

2. ICEM CFD: Just short of few features as compared to GridPro. Still very strong in topology and o-grid generation

3. Gridgen : Very easy to learn and generates high quality girds. Also included new features for tetra meshing e.g. Anisotropic.

First two work on top-to-bottom (block-domain-edges) and last one works on bottom-to-top ( edges-domain-block), so sometimes the later one may be cumbersome in processing meshing. On the other hand gridgen can be customized easily due to manual type of operations (using TCL/TK and Glyph)

For Turbo-machinery (not in order, both creates very high quality hexa meshes in complex geometries)

1. Turbogrid by CFD

2. AutoGrid5 by NUMECA

Please share your experience about the meshing programs as well


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