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omidiut October 17, 2011 08:47

Using Perl script and power Syntax in CFX-Pre
Dear member

i am trying to simulate a moving mesh problem, and i need to have pressure on each node of moving surface. i interest to use Perl and command editor in CFX-pre in my simulation.

what is the capabilities of Perl scripts in CFX-pre?can i access to arrays of pressure matrix there?
Can i define user function by Perl scripts?

i search the forum about this but i find some example about use of Perl in CFD-Post.

Best regards.

ghorrocks October 17, 2011 17:32

Perl in CFX can only write stuff to the CCL file. It does not access any variable arrays. In fact perl is only evaluated when the run starts and is not evaluated during run-time.

You need user fortran to access the variable arrays during running.

But based on your post in another thread I do not think this is what you want. Simple CEL expressions should be fine for what you are doing.

omidiut October 18, 2011 05:04

Thanks for your kind answer ghorrocks.

about last thread (Access to array of pressure...) i use an expression like this: LogicalExp= if(x>0[m]&&x<10[m]&&z=1[m],Pressure,0)

my purpose from this expression is the pressure of specified location( 0<x<10, z=1) store in it ( Logical expression).
i tested it, but i think pressure of any node of location that i use in my relation be stored. (not in range 0<x<10 , z=1) !! Do you have any idea?

Thanks, best regards.

ghorrocks October 18, 2011 06:10

As I said, you cannot access variables using perl.

You need to use a CEL expression.

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