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jfmorissette October 26, 2011 13:48

Parallel FSI

I'm doing some FSI calculations using CFX (in both 1-way and 2-way) and Ansys transient structural. So far, I have been doing parallel calculations on the fluid part (CFX), but serial calculation on the solid part (Mechanical). Is there any way to parallelize both solvers in an 2-way FSI simulation?

For you information, I'm launching all my simulations from CFX-Solver Manager, with two solver manager windows opened to allow me to start CFX and Ansys separately (to make sure my Ansys solver doesn't run on the same node as my master node from my CFX calculation, as suggested in the doc!). I'm not launching the calculation from the main Workbench project schematic window.

Thank you,

singer1812 October 26, 2011 15:41

CFX can run in all parallel modes. Ansys must be run local parallel (shared memory).

To have ansys run in parallel (I assume you have the licenses needed) add to Additional Arguments in the define run tab "-np XX" where XX is the processors you want to use.

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