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SlicedBread October 30, 2011 18:43

CFX Parallel Setup on windows 7 x64
I am having trouble setting up distributed parallel with CFX 13 on windows 7 pro x64. I can do local parallel with MPICH2 and HPMPI on both test computers and if i select distributed parallel only on the individual computer it works too.

Since win7 does not come with rsh.exe or the rsh daemon I installed both in the C:\windows directory.

I get an access denied when i try to do the rsh test e.g. rsh hostname cmd /c echo working. As a result I get an rsh error when i try to do distributed parallel with hp-mpi or mpich2.

I used a different rsh daemon from sourceforge and I am able to connect to another computer by rsh. However the rsh error in cfx solver still appears

If i add the CFX_SOLVE_DISABLE_REMOTE_CHECKS environment variables, hp-mpi distributed just crashes with error code 255. mpich2 distributed starts the processes on remote computer but doesn't start the solution or populate the memory it just hangs. It iterates the solution eventually but it takes maybe 20 times as long and I dont believe it ever runs on the remote computer.

Any ideas?

A Followup

The same steps above work on windows xp perfectly fine, just not on 7. Attempting to rsh from xp to win7 works but not the other way around nor does it work from win7 to win7. So its not a problem with the RSH Daemon but the rsh.exe itself.

SlicedBread November 14, 2011 18:06

An update if anyone else has this problem.

The correct way to disable RSH checks is by setting:

in C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v130\CFX\config\cfx5rc.txt

However there is a network/driver issue issue with Windows 7 and Windows Vista that leads to poor performance when using MPICH2 distributed parallel.

Additionally hpmpi distributed only supports domain login for user registration and can't be used on a workgroup setting.

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