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nasir November 4, 2011 06:18

CFX results export problem ?
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I am a new user of CFX and i am a beginner, so please forgive me if i ask stupid question. This is a BIG problem for me but for you guys its nothing :)

I am designing a diffuser / shroud for tidal current turbine. I have meshed the 2d model in ICEM. Then i open Ansys workbench and take the component cfx.
In CFX i import the mesh and put some boundary conditions (my analysis is steady state), run the solution and can see the results.

I want to put the required results in a excell file automatically. I came to know that you can put monitor points in CFX-Pre and when your solution finished you can export it in excell. But i don't know how to put the monitor point that i require.

I want to know the Yplus on my geometry which is a diffuser.
I want to know the Max velocity of water in side the geometry.
I want to know the average velocity at specific position by making a line.
I want to know the mass flow rate inside the geometry.
I want to know the axial force on the geometry.

I am attaching the CCL file for my model

Please help me out........i need the solution from you guys.
Thanks in advance

Doginal November 4, 2011 16:15

To put in a monitor point, go to the output control. Like the monitor menu bar, under "Monitor Points and Expressions" you can enter what you would like to monitor.

If you confused about the expressions. I have always found simply opening up a post file, click on the calculator -> function calculator. Use that to find what you want to calculate and click the button at the bottom that says something like show expression. That will show you the equation you need to enter.

Hope this helps


nasir November 4, 2011 22:10

Thx a lot for this tip i will try that.

can u tell me how to make a plane in CFX-pre as for mass flow it should be through a plane. I can make a monitor point but can i make a line and plane also ?

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