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nasir November 5, 2011 11:43

CFX - Monitor points - Automatic Export csv
Is there any way to export monitor points plot automatically in csv format and name the file automatically.

I can define the required expressions in CFX PRE and run the solution, when the solution is complete then by clicking on the user point tab right click and press export results in csv and then name the file.

I have more than 4000 result files so its time consuming to open every file in CFX POST and define expressions there and then note the values and put them manually in excel file.

Can i do this process automatically through scripting ? Is scripting available for CFX solver ? Is there any file that is saved anywhere that has the values for monitor points already defined in CFX PRE ?

Help me guys :)

ghorrocks November 6, 2011 05:59

I think the command line is "cfx5monitor". This allows you to extract monitor point data in a script.

nasir November 8, 2011 04:59

Can you help me write the cfx5mondata command.

cfx5mondata -res Myresult File name : -dir Directory path where i have saved the res file -varrule "CATEGORY = USER POINT" -out name of the output file

when i put the required file names and directory path it gives me error message that the file does not exist.

I am running the cfx5mondata.exe by finding its location and then from cmd i go to that folder and run it there.

Am i missing something ?

ghorrocks November 8, 2011 05:19

It is a pretty straight foward executable. No doubt you have a simple error like spaces in the file name or something like that.

nasir November 9, 2011 23:49

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Please help me solve this problem. I have more than 4000 files and i don't want to do it manually.

Let me explain in detail about what my current directory structure is.
I made a folder c:\test this folder contain my mesh file, CCL file, test.wbpj and folder test_files.
In test_files i have folders dp0 and user_files. In dp0 i have folder CFX and designpoint.wbdp file. in CFX folder i have two folders CFX and Post.
In CFX folder i have CFX.cfx, CFX.def, CFX_001.res and CFX_001.out
Here is how i change the directory and write commands

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
C:\Users\esided>cd C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v130\CFX\bin
C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v130\CFX\bin>cfx5mondata -res CFX_001.res : -dir C:\Test\test_files\dp0\CFX\CFX : -varrule "CATEGORY = USER POINT" : -out testing

An error has occurred in cfx5mondata:
CFX-5 Results file CFX_001.res does not exist

C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v130\CFX\bin>

I am attaching the screen shot of my folder where i have the result file.

ghorrocks November 10, 2011 05:32

You are running the executable and calling for CFX_001.res, but that file is in C:\Test\test_files... (etc).

I recommend you start the command line from the CFX5 launcher. Then the path is built in and you don't need to chase the executables.

nasir November 11, 2011 22:52

Thx a lot i have done it WOW ......

Now one more question can i make a plane in CFX-pre?
I want to calculate mass flow rate inside my geometry. How can i define a expression to calculate mass flow rate, help me out plzzzzz

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