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ealatawi November 12, 2011 17:03

User defined function in CFX

Does any one have information or material other than the CFX manual about User defined function (setup.....etc). The CFX manual doesn't have enough details. I really need it.


ghorrocks November 13, 2011 17:57

CFX support has further information.

If you are more specific about what you need to know we may be able to help.

ealatawi November 13, 2011 18:21

'User defined function in CFX
Thanks Glenn fro your response

I want to impose inlet boundary condition for LES using fortran user defined function. I need more information about how to do this.

your response is highly appreciated.


ghorrocks November 13, 2011 19:18

CFX has some built-in LES boundary condition options. I am not too familiar with them as I do not do much LES any more, but it would be worth while talking to CFX support about what is already there before writing your own.

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