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njw November 19, 2011 11:33

CEL Position Dependent Variables in CFX-Pre
Hi there,
I am trying to model the evaporation of water from a surface. I am modelling the liuid surface as a free-slip wall and am using a continuity source over the wall to represent the evaporated water.

I am writing expressions to calculate this mass flux, and they require the wall heat flux for the boundary in question. The wall is an x-y plane and I need to have a heat flux that is dependent on the x and z coordinate over the wall surface. I only know how to use locator based functions that calculate an average of the variable over the surface, and this is not suitable.

How would I go about writing a CEL expression to include this position dependence over the wall?


sajad_abasi November 19, 2011 19:16

there is a command in name of "position x" or "position y" and so "position z"...are this helpful for you?

can you say what is your problem and whiat is the CEL too?

ghorrocks November 20, 2011 06:11

You can use x, y and z variables in the CEL expression to define the boundary condition. For instance in the boundary condition definition "heat flux = 10*x +100*y - 5*z" would give you a varying heat flux over the boundary surface.

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