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Chander November 22, 2011 13:05

Additional variable as output of an expression

I have created a spatially varying parameter using an interpolating function. I am using this function inside an expression which is used in my simulation. Now I want to plot the value of this expression in CFX post. I referred to the CFX manual and found that one can create an additional variable and assign output of any expression to this additional variable. Then this variable should be available in CFX post for plotting.

However, when I create an additional variable, I see only the basic setting tab with only three options of variable type, units and tensor type. I do not see any tab for advanced options so that I can assign to this additional variable the value of my expression. What am I missing?

I am using CFX/12.1.
Thanks for your help !

Chander November 22, 2011 13:54

Hi All,

I found the solution. The details settings are available in the Fluid models tab of domain definition.


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