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Nunuuika November 28, 2011 05:25

Temperature depedendent of the z coordinate

I want to simulate a drill pipe. For the outer wall I want the Temperature dependent on the z-coordinate. In which way had to be the expression in cfx for the wall boundary.

I have following table

depth [m] Temperature [K]
0 293
-125 283
-250 278
-500 277
-1000 277

I bulid in Excel the following expression for the curve:

y = 0,00000000000002x5 + 0,00000000014546x4 + 0,00000030610553x3 + 0,00027853765499x2 + 0,11180845335616x + 293


Thank you for your help.

ghorrocks November 28, 2011 17:49

You have already done the hard work, just define this as a CEL expression and use it for your boundary condition. This sort of thing is described int he tutorials.

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