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omidiut December 2, 2011 08:49

ds.Dat file in FSI simulation on Linux OS
Hi all

I'm trying to simulate FSI problem. i have to different operating systems in two computers. i always do some works such as drawing geometry, meshing, define bondary condition in cfx pre,... in Ansys 12.1 on Windows operating system. then i copy .def and ds.dat files to other computer with Linux operating system. i use Ansys 12.1 on Linux and in this computer i can't access to ansys GUI, i have to use command. i find that i have to addressing ds.dat file again in second machine. How can i do without GUI of CFX?

Best regards.

Lance December 2, 2011 11:12

Are you asking how to start an FSI simulation from the command line?
I normally use:
cfx5solve -def asd.def -mfx-run-mode "Start ANSYS and CFX" -ansys-input asd.dat
where asd.def and asd.dat are your cfx and mechanical files.

omidiut December 2, 2011 12:22

Thanks for reply Lance

No. In CFX-Pre the location of ansys input file must be specify in:
Analysis type\external solver coupling\ ansys input.
When i copy the .def and .dat file from my first machine to second machine, the new location of .dat file in second machine(Linux OS) most specify, but i don't know how can i do this without CFX-Pre GUI. How can i do?

Best regards.

stumpy December 2, 2011 17:44

The path in CFX-Pre doesn't matter when starting the solver. In the Solver Manager or on the command line the path to ds.dat is set and this is what gets used.

omidiut December 3, 2011 03:39

The path of ds.dat file is important, you can test it, cut .def and .dat files in another directory an run solver. first error is about location of .dat file because of in CFX-pre previous path was saved for ds.dat file.
How can i set new path for ds.dat file in second machine?

stumpy December 5, 2011 13:05

Are you sure you don't have a windows file path in there? I can see that it wouldn't get parsed correctly and could cause an error. In any case, without GUI access use the cfx5cmds command to pull the CCL into a text file and edit it. See the doc.

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