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siw December 8, 2011 10:53

Porous domain set-up from single pressure loss value

For porous domain modelling I usually have a table and graph of volumetric flow rate (Q) vs. pressure loss (dp). From the quadratic equation of the graphed data I can get the 2 coefficients for CFX.

However, for a current task I only have a single value of dp at a single Q which was experimentally recorded. How can I set up a CFX porous domain with this limited amount of data? I have the actual geometry of the porous domain which has a rectangular cross-section and a thickness. Experimental work will definitely not be done to get more data and to be able to make a graph of Q vs. dp.

The aim of the simulation is to visualise the flowfield inside the device which also includes the porous domain.


ghorrocks December 8, 2011 17:36

Have a look at the porous flow equations, and maybe some academic papers on porous flow. You will probably be able to evaluate all the coefficients even though you only have one point as the porous flow curve should be known.

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