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Chander December 8, 2011 18:55

Solution on hexa mesh vs solution on tetra mesh

I have a block structured hexa mesh (made in ICEM CFD) for my geometry and a converged solution for fluid flow and conjugate heat transfer on this mesh (solved in CFX).

I have not used tetra mesh with prism layers before for fluid flow. I now want mesh the same geometry with the automated tetra + prism layer mesh in ICEM CFD and solve the same problem as above for this mesh and then compare the results with those on the block structured hexa mesh.

How should I ensure that any difference in results that I finally get is only due to change in nature of mesh from hexa to tetra and not other factors like mesh density etc.?

Thanks for your inputs

ghorrocks December 9, 2011 05:22

Do a mesh sensitivity study of both meshing options separately. You can only compare fully mesh independent meshes of each type to get a meaningful result.

Chander December 10, 2011 10:35

Thanks Glen for your reply. Yes, that makes sense. I will do grid independence studies on both types pf meshes as per your suggestion before comparing the results.

Best regards.

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