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Roland R December 16, 2011 13:53

Increasing of total temperature

I have a general 3D flow field. It contains a large region (a tube) where strong swirling zone occurs. In this zones the total temperature always becomes larger than the inlet total temperature which was defined as boundary condition. The walls are adiabatic and free slip. I donít understand this. How can the total temperature increase above the inlet total temperature if there is not heat input and friction at the walls. Is this because of the viscosity (internal friction) of material?


ghorrocks December 16, 2011 16:08

Have you got viscous dissipation turned on? Yes, this could be one explanation.

Also if the simulation is not fully converged you could get this. Also inadequate mesh resolution could contribute.

stumpy December 20, 2011 12:04

Is the total temperature locally above the inlet value or is it the massFlowAve(Total Temperature) on a slice plane through the tube? If it's just locally then that's allowed to happen physically. It's similar to a local rise in Total Pressure (see "Rise of Total Pressure in Frictional Flow" -

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