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max3.2 January 3, 2012 13:01

Several Axis Scales
Hey Guys,

Ive got a quick question regarding the chart generation in Post. I have a Polyline and im Plotting Velocity (10-30 m s^-1) and Particle Volume Fraction (0-1, oviously) at this line. I found the custom values option to put them both into one plot, so far so good. I get 2 axis labels.
But the values differ in range, so i either get a flat line for concentration or i dont see my velocities.
So my question basically is (I hope u understand what i want ;)):

I there a way to create a chart with several y-Axis-Ranges?

Thanks in advance


Far January 3, 2012 13:20

I think this cannot be done in CFD post. However this can easily be done in origin.

max3.2 January 3, 2012 14:12

What is origin (sorry for the stupid question)
I also got TecPlot as an option but I'd like to do it in Post. I think the ChartEditor is really a weak link in the whole CFX package

Far January 3, 2012 19:18

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