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sakalido January 10, 2012 17:20

stopping the simulation when a certain value is reached!
Hi all,

I am doing a transient simulation in CFX. I want to stop the simulation when a measured variable (defined as an expression) reaches a certain level.
Currently I am monitoring this value and whenever it reaches the amount that I want, I manually stop the simulation.
Is there any way that I define the total time as the time this value is reached ?
I notice that it is possible to give the total time of simulation as an expression, I just don't know how I can make CFX to track the time and whenever that certain value is reached, assign that time as the time to finish the simulation.

Could you give me some suggestions?

Thank you,

singer1812 January 10, 2012 18:22

What version of CFX are you using? Under the solver control tab, you can insert an interupt condition.

Use your expression with that.

sakalido January 10, 2012 18:30

Thank you for your reply.
I'm using version 11. I don't see this option in solver control tab. Is this option limited to newer versions?
Could you briefly let me know how does it work?


singer1812 January 10, 2012 18:32

Yeah, you need to move to V12 or V13 in order to do this. If you are doing that you might as well move to V14.

I have done it in V11 but it requires you to mess with built in settings and I don't remember the details anymore.

Better to upgrade to latest verson.

sakalido January 10, 2012 18:37

Unfortunately, I cannot upgrade now and I have to stay within V11 limits.
Anything you remember from your previous experience with V11 to do such a thing can be a great help to me.

Thank you,

singer1812 January 10, 2012 18:45

No, I am not lying in telling you it is very difficult and dangerous to your simulation. It is not a simple change that I can just tell you how to do. You need to change the RULES file in order to let the stop time to be a variable (I doubt you know what/where the RULES file is and really there is no reason for you to know as it is not supposed to be messed with).

Doing this incorrectly can mess up everything in CFX and is not a normal way to operate. I definately can't remember the exact details as this occured many years ago.

It is best that if you dont want to manually stop it, just upgrade to a newer version.

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