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li0012in January 11, 2012 09:29

A rotating blunt body within a "box" of air at an angle?
I am trying to do flow simulation for a shuttlecock that is spinning and flying at an angle to the flow field.

I have set the domain on cfx-pre as rotating. The shuttlecock is a non-slip wall as taught by the tutorial. I also set the shuttlecock as rotating under boundary.

However, I don't understand how to set the others, like inlet, outlet and other sides of the box of air.

1. Do I set the inlet and outlet as rotating or stationary?

2. Since the outside wall is set as a free slip wall, it really does not matter if it rotates or stationary right?

3. Short of creating a geometry file for each angle of attack, can I just modify the inlet condition or? How should I go about testing different angle of attack?

4. If I change the flight angle through the way the shuttlecock is positioned in the box, then when I set the rotation of the wall, will it mean that my shuttlecock will now cocksrew instead of really spinning?

li0012in January 11, 2012 20:25

I tried setting the inlet velocity as cart. and giving it velocity in 2 directions to simulate airflow with angle of attack. It seems that I am having issue with the flow not flowing out...causing error. How do I fix this?

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