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Studentdrak January 31, 2012 03:16

Temperature Profile through a fluid solid interface

I have simulated a heat transfer problem with two solid domains on the sides and a air domain in the middle (using two fluid solid interfaces)- for different mesh sizes

As i understand the hybrid value of Temperature gives the temperature at interface.
Conservative temperature plot shows a plot staring at a lesser temperature(as we wud expect)

But I need to plot a temperature profile for a line running through all the domains (continuous). Hybrid value plot is quite different (with large gradient variation)

pl. do help asap

ghorrocks January 31, 2012 06:42

You have to understand what hybrid and conservative actually mean before deciding this. Conservative is the value of the control volumes. Hybrid uses the wall value at the wall.

In general in this case I would use conservative as it shows the control volume values, and that is what the solver is using.

Studentdrak January 31, 2012 07:03

Thanks Glen

Just thought if i can reproduce the (nice smooth)temperature profile (starting from wall to core region ) as shown in books.

I understand Hybrid are wall values n conservative values are that of control volumes.

but the plot function in CFDpost either chose hybrid or conservative to plot.

ghorrocks January 31, 2012 19:49

And a fine mesh is another requirement to get a nice smooth profile.

Studentdrak January 31, 2012 23:23


Thank u

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