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svanmunster January 31, 2012 22:29

ERROR: ...No Domains have been defined
Hi Guys,

I am new to Ansys and have probably a very basic question.

I am attempting to run a 2D CFX simulation through workbench. I Have created the geometry and used ansys meshing to do a quick mesh. Now when I try open up CFX-Pre I get an error message "ERROR: In analysis 'Flow Analysis 1': No domains have been defined." and the mesh will not open.

I am confused because I know how to define a domain in CFX pre when the mesh imports however without it importing how am I meant to define domains?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


ghorrocks January 31, 2012 22:55

m5edr February 2, 2012 22:07

I am 3D problem and also face the same error, any help pls

faisal_durr February 3, 2012 07:35

Hello there, I would suggest that after you are done with creating the geometry and the mesh save the project in some directory 'x'. Then when you open CFX-pre just go to file>import>mesh and then import the file from directory 'x'. It should open easily then. Also I would recommend you to start using ICEM for geometry creation and mesh development as its more user friendly and also good for editing your mesh. Thanks :)

m5edr February 4, 2012 23:31

It doesn't work...If i use this way, an error massage appear

bratzinger July 29, 2012 11:38

if u are german -> this could help:
keine umlaute(ä, ö, ü) verwenden - auch nicht im Projektnamen ;)

monkey1 July 31, 2012 03:17

Addendum to what bratzinger said...not only do not use ä,ö,ü in the projectname...BUT do NOT use ANY special Signs in the WHOLE Path!

I had similar problems when I wanted to open a file located in smth. like:


and it gave me a similar error just because I had a Folder "Gebäude" containing the folders where my files are stored. I think this is valid also for all other language specific symbols or symbols like %, & and so on....Therefore I now name my files and folders only with standard alphabet and "_" as a separator/space. Because when I use " " (blanks) as space I get problems on unix/linux machines.

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