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anthi February 2, 2012 06:39

Imprint problem in cfx
Hello everybody!

Since I am a new user of CFX my question maybe is a simple one. I want to imprint a sketch on a face that has been created by the option cut material inside my fluid domain. However after various tries I noticed that the imprint can not be made on the faces that are produced by the cut material option. Ha anybody any idea why this happens?

Thx in advance,

singer1812 February 2, 2012 10:15

This is a Design Modeler question.

1) did you unfreeze the body you want to imprint?
2) Try creating the sketch on a plane generated from the face you are imprinting, but transform the plane slightly off the face. Then extrude the imprint to the body surface ( you might need to reverse the normal).

anthi February 2, 2012 10:41

Since this is a Design Modeler question should I have posted it somewhere else?
Sorry, but this is the first time that I post in CFD Online!

Thanx for the reply..I have already done the procedure you have described but the real problem is that when I do the imprint I can see the stamp in the Design MOdeler and in the mesh but when I try to make the named selections in mesh (one for the Imprint stamp and one for the face that has the stamp on it) the Imprint stamp is made red and it seems to have a problem. Moreover when I go to set up the named selection for the stamp is not available. Do you have any other idea regarding what's going on?

singer1812 February 2, 2012 10:44

Is this imprint in between 2 bodies? If it is, are the 2 bodies in the same part or separate parts?

anthi February 2, 2012 11:11

Yes the imprint I want to make is between two bodies that exist in the same part. Imagine that the imprint I want to make is like I want to make a stamp on a door in the end of a corridor. i.e. I want to seperate the door in two parts. Both the two walls of the corridor and the door are parts of the same body in my geometry.

Thanx again for your help!

singer1812 February 2, 2012 11:33

What are you trying to achieve with the imprint? are you trying to create a wall between the 2 bodies, with a connection at the imprint portion only?

If that is the case, the easy thing to do is suppress one of the bodies, mesh it, export the mesh, suppress that body, unsupress the other one, mesh it and export that mesh then import both of those into cfx. You should be a call out on the imprinted faces for both meshes that you can use.

Else, blow your part apart and pull it back into the mesher as 2 bodies in separate parts. You will probably have to redo alot of the named selections if you this way.

If this isnt what you are trying to acheive, please detail.

anthi February 2, 2012 12:00

I described the example of the corridor and the wall in order to make you imagine my geometry. The case I study is a settling tank. However the tank is not rectangle. In the end of the tank (in the oulet) the walls have the shape of the greek letter π (like the shape of the corridor in a plan). In this Π the lower layer is a wall whereas the upper layer of the Π is a weir. So I want to make a stamp because in CFX-PRE I want to put this stamps as outlet.

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