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shaswat February 10, 2012 22:10

doubt in applying boundary condition
Dear friends

problem: Fluid is flowing through a multilayer porous pipe.

I know the boundary conditions for inlet which is pressure and outlet which is mass flow rate in the fluid domain

my question is:

How to define inlet and out let in the porous domain.

I assume in the porous domain as

inlet: Cartesian velocity components equal to 0
outlet : pressure equal to 0

Is my boundary condition correct?

Thank you



ghorrocks February 11, 2012 06:36

If that matches the experiment you are trying to model then probably, yes.

But it does seem weird to have a mass flow outlet on the main flow, but zero pressure at the porous outlet. Why is it different? If the flow is not significant in the porous material just put a wall there.

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