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UDEV_STARTER February 20, 2012 16:31

Train in a tunnel with CFX
Hi all,

could someone tell me if it is possible to simulate the flow around a train in a tunnel. In Star/Fluent I would use the "death and birth" feature. Unfortunatly I couldn't find something like this in the cfx tutorials.The ballvalve tut and similar are not approriate. I need a feature where i can switch from solid to fluid from one timestep to another in combination with moving mesh and the possibility of adding and removing cells in front/after the train. Otherwise the moving part of the mesh would move outside the tunnel.

Thx in Ad.

ghorrocks February 20, 2012 17:56

Yes, it is possible. CFX does not support cell death and birth. You could do this using immersed solids (which is very similar in effect to death and birth), or using a GGI interface to "slide" the train into the tunnel.

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