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Chander February 29, 2012 11:16

IAPWS water properties + orthotropic thermal conductivity

I am using porous medium to model a part of my computational domain. In order to capture the net thermal conductivity of the porous medium, I use orthotropic thermal conductivity to define net thermal conductivity (consisting of thermal conductivity of water and solid, suitably combined to reflect net parallel and series conductivities) in x,y and z direction.
Now I need water properties to be function of temperature and for that I define CEL expressions for different water properties (incluidng thermal conductivity) as a function of local temperature. I define a new material that is liquid and uses these CEL expressions for density, viscosity, thermal conductivity etc.
Now I think I can use IAWPS properties of water instead of defining CEL expressions for water properties. Glen had suggested this once on this forum.
But if I choose my material as water with IAWPS properties, I cannot modify the thermal conductivity to be net orthotropic one in x,y and z direction.
I thought I could define a new material and somehow access IAWPS water properties to get the water conductivity part of net orthotropic conductivity. But that does not seem to be possible in CFX.
Is there a way by which I can define a material that uses IAWPS properties for water such as density, Cp, viscosity etc and uses net orthotropic conductivities (consisting of IAWPS thermal conductivity of water and solid thermal conductivity) for the thermal conductivity in x,y,z direction?

ghorrocks February 29, 2012 18:26

In V14 I think there is some new capabilities to allow you to model porous material temperatures and thermal conductivities. This means the fluid can still use normal material properties.

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