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hosseinhgf March 3, 2012 06:38

Vessel tutorial problem
i have problem with "Multiphase Flow in a Mixing Vessel" tutorial.
When you running "MultiphaseMixer.pre" withSession>Play Tutorial you have a subregion in"MixerImpellerMesh.gtm" mesh that contain the 3d blade. But just three faces from ten faces of this 3d blade defined (two as interface and one as shaft) and other faces not defined. What happened for other faces?:confused:

When I setting up this tutorial manually (I did step by step that help said) the other faces appear in “impeller default” (I turned off Automatic Default Domain and Automatic Default Interfaces) that not exist in automatically set up. Why?:confused:
How create model with design modeler that there is face in domain (not thin surface) like blade and baffle in this tutorial without crating subdomain? :confused:

Thanks’ for reading :)

NimaMcGill March 17, 2013 12:39


have you find the answer to your question?
I just started using ANSYS and I faced the same question.

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