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pato March 5, 2012 11:16

permeability parameters
Iīm simulating porous media. First of all i didnīt put any value for permeability or resistance loss coefficient, having the process a good convergence.
When changing the permeability parameter, it is much more difficult to get convergence, having floating point problem. MY question is, what value does the solver take when i donīt put any value in the box of permeability?and for resistance loss coefficient?
that would help me to see in what range of values the model has good convergence.


ghorrocks March 5, 2012 18:24

I do not know. If you look in the <CFX_ROOT>/etc/VARIABLES you might get some information about limits and other restrictions.

Other than that, I would just recommend sweeping a range of permeabilities and finding out for your self what works and what does not.

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