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ashtonJ March 11, 2012 18:21

Continue the solution from where the license is timed out
Dear all,

I am doing unsteady simulations. Sometimes, because of some network problems in our university, Ansys CFX license is missed and I have to start the simulation from the beginning. Is there any way to continue the solution from where the license is timed out?

I mean, Let's say my total simulation time is 2s and the Ansys CFX license missed at time 1s, is it possible to use the results of time 1s and continue the simulation.

Thank you

evcelica March 11, 2012 22:08

If you are doing a transient run, I'm sure you are writing results files every so often, correct? When you define the new run, start from initial conditions, and check the box that says "initial values specification" and browse to the last results file you wrote before you lost the license. Your simulation will then start from the results file you just chose.

ashtonJ March 11, 2012 22:22

Thank you very much. In fact, I don't know the results is writing every time step, the only thing I do is to define transient results in output control in CFX-Pre and specify the variables I need and write them just in last second of the simulation run.
In this case, please let me know if I can use your mentioned method.

Kind regards,

evcelica March 12, 2012 20:13

You can start you simulation from any results files you have written. So if you haven't written results yet then you won't be able to start from them. I always write all results, so I don't know anything about if you only write certain results to the output file.

I usually just go to "Output Control" in pre and choose to write results with a simulation time step of x seconds.

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