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zakir hussain March 12, 2012 05:00

emag tutorials
Hi everyone
Now I have two simple validation cases about simulating gas metal arc welding:wire and motor,which are from the CFX-berlin office.But I could not run them fluently.Mybe someone knows how to run them.
The problem I met as follow:
After I opened the launch,clicked the Cfx-pre,then selected opencase ( eg: chose wire.def),a window occurred:
RULES data is not importable. RULES data was stripped out of imported CCL.

I closed the window,and the message in the lower right corner of CFX-Pre window said:
There must be an object of type "INITIAL CONDITIONS" in the object "/FLOW:Flow Analysis 1/DOMAIN:corus/INITIALISATION" but it does not exist
Firstly I know I should use the command line to produce gradphi.dll and rotA.dll(they were produced in the subdictionary named winnt in my work dictionary).Then I initialized the case and everything seemed ok. So I clicked Define Run buttun and the CFX-Solver Manager had been opened.I selected Startrun .But an windows named an error has occurred in cfx5solve occurred. It said :
D:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v130\CFX\bin\winnt\ccl2flow.exe was interrupted
by signal QUIT (3)

I closed it,and the message of the CFX-Solver Manager said that :
Error: Electric Potential: EPOT
Duplicate 'unavailable' definition. The name "Electric Potential" has already been specified as unavailable.
Error detected while reading 'geni file'.

Reading input line 517.
$Unavail Electric Potential "Electric Potential is not available for use in this term"

Can you please tell me how to run the cases? Thank you very much!



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