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ali8500 March 13, 2012 23:51

How to assign the inlet B.C using a bunch of data set for an unsteady problem?
Hello Guys,

I'm going to assign a bunch of data set as an inlet boundary condition. The problem is, the inlet B.C changes with time. For example at t=t1, I have to read the first data set and for the next timestep I have to read the next data set. Note that the problem is unsteady and I have to assign the velocity (u and V components) to the inlet boundary condition at different time step. For a steady problem, I know how to do that. I just need to use the "initialize profile data", but for an unsteady problem, I do not know how I should tackle the problem.
I would appreciate your help in advance.

Lance March 14, 2012 03:49

Search the forum, it has been asked many times before. Or, have a look here:

ali8500 March 21, 2012 14:55

Thanks, Lance for your reply. So, it means that I do not need to write a code to assign the boundary condition. :)

hesamking March 28, 2012 18:41

Dear Ali and Lance,
I input an excel data file using the link you gave.
It is the curve for a pulsatile blood flow.
I applied these data as my inlet B.C.
Actually CFX doesn't show any plot or anything
to make us sure that it is using the same curve?
do you know a way to verify the shape of curve from the data I input
in CFX? like when you enter an equation in expression part it gives
a plot according to the formula you entered and you can see if it is
taking the data in a good way or not?
Thank you,

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