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JEHERZ March 20, 2012 14:24

Force Drag vs Length

How I could to plot?

force drag vs lenght (model)

I need to know the behaviour the force drag along the lenght of my model.

I found the drag but it was global, with this expression force_z()@body.

I'm sorry my english is bad

I need your help, please:confused::confused: help me

ghorrocks March 20, 2012 17:23

You are probably looking for the pressure coefficient. This is routinely drawn for air foil simulations, such as

Note that there is also a contribution from viscous wall shear. This is usually small in airfoil simulations as they run at high Reynolds number.

So a combination of pressure and wall shear will determine the force acting on the body. These parameters can be plotted against distance.

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